Exploring new fields, embracing new challenges.
TENLLE strives to build a century-old national enterprise.

TENLLE Group Co. Ltd. was established in 1998. It is a modernized national high-technology company involving R&D, production, packaging and printing, foreign trade and marketing. The headquarter covers an area of 45,000 square meters, which is 30,000 square meters of floor space, and the total investment cost is 300 million yuan. So far, composed of multiple subsidiaries, Sino-foreign branches, overseas divisions and Chinese herbal medicine planting base, TENLLE has built a whole industry chain engaging in production, supply and marketing.  

For more than 2 decades, TENLLE has grown from the leader of healthy beverage industry to a comprehensive healthcare service practitioner, and has extended its business scope to functional foods, healthy drinks, healthcare household products with its business covering health management, chain supermarkets, packaging and printing, cold storage warehouse and other fields. These interdependent and interconnected resources laid a solid foundation for the fast, steady, healthy and sustainable development of TENLLE.  

Since its initiation, TENLLE has been adhering to its corporate mission of “delivering health and beauty”. By focusing on people, valuing integrity and creating a considerate business atmosphere, TENLLE has constantly refined its various consumption and employment security rules, pursuing satisfaction among consumers, dealers and employees. Over 20 years of such practice and accumulation has contributed to TENLLE’s rich and unique corporate culture.

TENLLE has one R&D center and three laboratories, which cover a total area of 6500 square meters. So far it has patented more than 80 inventions. TENLLE laboratories have collaborated with Dalian Polytechnic University to undertake technology application projects. Two invention patents generated from the research results have been widely used to produce new raw material for pharmaceutical development, functional foods and cosmetics. TENLLE shares a number of joint laboratories and research institutes with leading enterprises in the industry such as Bashan Co., Ltd., a well-known Korean red ginseng research and production enterprise, and COSMAX, a world-famous cosmetics manufacturer. TENLLE’s research result of red ginseng has achieved milestone significance. With national patent technology, the content of rare active ginsenoside in TENLLE products can reach a level that far exceeds their counterparts in South Korea, where the market of red ginseng tonics is relatively mature. Meanwhile, with advanced red ginseng extraction technology, processing equipment, national level lab and inspection equipment, currently, TENLLE has been granted “national high technology enterprise” identification.   

In the course of continuous expansion, TENLLE sticks to its corporate social responsibilities by conducting social public benefit activities such as funding school children, subsidizing poor primary schools, providing aid for special communities, and was awarded the title of "charitable enterprise donating for schools”. In addition, keeping in mind the corporate mission, under the national guideline of "healthy China", TENLLE actively implemented national health education activities and set up “TENLLE substation of China's 100 people action to eliminate chronic diseases", so as to bring information on chronic diseases to common people in the community, advocate healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyle as well as shoulder the public responsibility of building a "healthy China" with other sectors of the society.    


Walking on the path of collectivization, industrialization, diversification and internationalization, TENLLE is growing into a leader in the innovation of China's comprehensive healthcare industry. In the future, TENLLE will continue to extend its industrial chain, make use of its resource advantages, rely on scientific and technological innovation, explore new fields, embrace new challenges, and strive to build a century old national enterprise.


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